Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Norfolk moths: Rockland St. Peter garden, 23 September 2013

The night of 23 September was almost cloudless and calm with a bright half-moon. The temperature at 05h30 was a mild 11.6°C. By that time a light, misty dew was beginning to fall on the trap. The trap and adjacent walls and sheet were spotted with Black Rustics - two dozen in all. A selection of forms of Common Marbled Carpet required a close inspection to discount Dark Marbled Carpet. The only new species was a very battered Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing. As with previous nights, the pre-dawn was full of the trills and plaintive whistles of Golden Plover, as flocks passed overhead. Tawny Owls, Little Owls and a foraging Hedgehog added to the soundscape.

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata in resting position
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua fimbriata from South (1st ed., 1907)
Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba   
Lunar Underwing Omphaloscelis lunosa, Black Rustic Aporophyla nigra & Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba   

Macro-moths (83 moths of 17 spp.):-

Chloroclysta truncata Common Marbled Carpet 7
Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 6
Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing 7
Noctua fimbriata Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1
Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character 3
Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot 2
Aporophyla nigra Black Rustic 24
Agrochola litura Brown-spot Pinion 14
Agrochola lychnidis Beaded Chestnut 3
Omphaloscelis lunosa Lunar Underwing 4
Xanthia togata Pink-barred Sallow 1
Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing 1
Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic 4
Nonagria typhae Bulrush Wainscot 1
Diachrysia chrysitis Burnished Brass 1
Rivula sericealis Straw Dot 1
Hypena proboscidalis Snout 3

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