Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Aglossa pinguinalis (Dark Tabby)

Aglossa pinguinalis (Dark Tabby)
Micro moths can be just as interesting as their notionally larger counterparts. Not long ago, I happened upon an Aphomia sociella (Bee Moth) resting in the garden. This evening, at about 19h00, I noticed a similarly dull brown, but relatively large micro about 20 cm up on the kitchen wall. After the previous encounter, I had the feeling that this might prove to be interesting too. And so it was...

Easily identified, Aglossa pinguinalis (Large Tabby) is a local moth that has declined significantly over the past few decades. Its larvae feed on cereal chaff, hay debris and dry dung in barns, a foodstuff that is common around here. It is also well known for resting in the dark corners of barns and outhouses. 

Aglossa pinguinalis UK distribution (UK Moths)

Aglossa pinguinalis Norfolk distribution (Norfolk Moths)

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