Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Neotropical Birding 14: contents

Neotropical Birding 14: contents

Lowen, J.C. & G.M. Kirwan (2014) Guest editorial. Neotropical Birding 14: a tribute to Juan Mazar Barnett. Neotrop. Birding 14: 3-4.

Lees, A.C. (2014) Splits, lumps and shuffles. Neotrop. Birding 14: 4-18. [amongst other things, includes a summary of those Amazonian species described in the HBW Special Volume]

Lees, A.C., C. Albano, G.M. Kirwan, J.F. Pacheco & A. Whittaker (2014) The end of hope for Alagoas Foliage-gleaner Philydor novaesi? Neotrop. Birding 14: 20-28.

Pugnali, G. & D. Alarcón Arias (2014) Capital birding: La Paz. Neotrop. Birding 14: 29-36. Available (soon!) as a sample article at: http://www.neotropicalbirdclub.org/pages/neobirding.asp

Laranjeiras, T.O. & L.N. Naka (2014) Birding sites: The state of Roraima, Brazil. Neotrop. Birding 14: 40-53.

Kirwan, G.M. (2014) Photospot: The blue treasure at the end of the world: Lear’s Macaw in the backlands of Bahia. Neotrop. Birding 14: 54-57. [Anodorhynchus leari]

Kirwan, G.M., D. Brinkhuizen, D. Calderón, B. Davis, J. Minns & I. Roesler (2014) Neotropical Notebook: published and unpublished records. Neotrop. Birding 14: 58-72.
Available (soon!) as a sample article at: http://www.neotropicalbirdclub.org/pages/neobirding.asp

Bird, J. (2014) NBC Conservation Awards update. Neotrop. Birding 14: 76-77. [Tachycineta euchrysea]

Sharpe, C.J. (2014) Book review: A Guide to the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago (3rd edition). Neotrop. Birding 14: 78-79

Sharpe, C.J. (2014) Book review: Handbook of the Birds of the World, Special Volume: New Species and Global Index. Neotrop. Birding 14: 79-80


  1. Hi. I'm Juan Mazar Barnett's brother. Tha magazine is not sold in Argentina. Can please someone take a scan or picture of the Juan's tribute article and send it to me?

  2. Gonzalo, copies of NB14 are on their way to you from NBC, but they may take a while. As you can see, much of NB14 is a tribute to Juan. Luciano Naka has asked for PDFs of those specifically mentioning Juan and I am hoping that we can let him have them all. However, for obvious reasons, we would not like the entire content to be publicly available. Can you let me have your emai address to that I can contact you? Many thanks!

  3. Hi!. Thanks!, my mail is gonzalomazargmail.com
    WE are tottalu gratefull to this dedicated number. We steel receiveng a lot of the love Juan had spread all over the world (To Birds, to nature, to his job and to people).
    Many many thanks again!