Friday, 29 November 2013

Norfolk moths: Rockland St. Peter garden, 28 November 2013

Another fairly warm, humid night: 5.3°C at 17h30, 6.4°C at 21h00 and 6.6°C at 07h00. Dead calm at dusk, the breeze rose over night becoming southerly and strong enough to sway branches by dawn. Partially cloudy sky with a thin, last-quarter moon.

A Winter Moth was resting on the wall above the trap in the early evening. These moths are frequently seen in car headlights as I drive arond the winter roads and often come onto the lighted windows, but although they are common this is the first time the trap has attracted one. A Scarce Umber was photograhed this time. No Mottled Umber yet...

Once again, Andy Mackay has been kind enough to look over moth photographs and confirm ID, as well as providing helpful tips for future identification.

Winter Moth Operophtera brumata

Scarce Umber Agriopis aurantiaria

Macro-moths (6 moths of 3 spp.); no micros:- 

Poecilocampa populi December Moth 4
Operophtera brumata Winter Moth 1
Agriopis aurantiaria Scarce Umber 1

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