Saturday, 31 August 2013

Norfolk moths: Rockland St. Peter garden, 30 August 2013

A fine, windy, almost cloudless and relatively cool (close to 10°C here). The highlight was a single Heath Rustic, a local moth restricted to acid heath and moorland which is recognised as a UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority species. The nearest habitat is probably some 10 km from here. Pale Eggar was a treat - it's always nice to get a Lasiocampid! The zesty Frosted Orange is a sure sign of summer's close.

A fresh Heath Rustic Xestia agathina, local, UK BAP species.

Pale Eggar Trichiura crataegi.

Frosted Orange Gortyna flavago, harbinger of autumn.

& Feathered Gothic Tholera decimalis.   

The morning catch (thanks to members of Norfolk Moth Survey who helped put a name to the stragglers) was as follows.

Macros (35 spp.):-

Trichiura crataegi Pale Eggar 1
Cosmorhoe ocellata Purple Bar 1
Chloroclysta truncata Common Marbled Carpet 1
Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth 15
Ennomos fuscantaria Dusky Thorn 1
Cabera exanthemata Common Wave 1
Campaea margaritata Light Emerald 1
Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent 1
Agrotis segetum Turnip Moth 1
Agrotis puta Shuttle-shaped Dart 1
Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder 11
Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 6
Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing 6
Noctua janthe Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 10
Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character 17
Xestia xanthographa Square-spot Rustic 15
Xestia agathina Heath Rustic 1
Mamestra brassicae Cabbage Moth 1
Tholera cespitis Hedge Rustic 1
Tholera decimalis Feathered Gothic 6
Mythimna albipuncta White-point 1
Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot 2
Atethmia centrago Centre-barred Sallow 4
Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing 2
Luperina testacea Flounced Rustic 2
Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic 1
Gortyna flavago Frosted Orange 3
Celaena leucostigma Crescent 1
Hoplodrina ambigua Vine's Rustic 1
Paradrina clavipalpis Pale Mottled Willow 1
Diachrysia chrysitis Burnished Brass 1
Autographa gamma Silver Y 2
Abrostola tripartita Spectacle 2
Rivula sericealis Straw Dot 4
Hypena proboscidalis Snout 2

Identifiable Micros (there were others...):-

Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble 4
Pleuroptya ruralis Mother of Pearl 4

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