Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Norfolk moths: Rockland St. Peter garden, 27 August 2013

Very excited about my inaugural night with new Skinner trap. A fine, calm night, almost cloudless and relatively cool (close to 10°C?); mist in pre-dawn – heavy dew. The morning catch was quite manageable, although, being a bit rusty after 25 years, it still took five hours to get identify them all.

White-point Mythimna albipuncta   

Macros (25 spp.):-

Epirrhoe alternata Common Carpet 1
Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth 3
Ennomos alniaria Canary-shouldered Thorn 2
Ennomos fuscantaria Dusky Thorn 2
Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak 1
Ptilodon capucina Coxcomb Prominent 1
Eilema griseola Dingy Footman 1
Agrotis segetum Turnip Moth 1
Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder 5
Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 7
Noctua janthe Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 4
Diarsia rubi Small Square-spot 4
Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character 35
Mamestra brassicae Cabbage Moth 4
Tholera decimalis Feathered Gothic 2
Mythimna albipuncta White-point 1
Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot 4
Atethmia centrago Centre-barred Sallow 7
Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing 2
Luperina testacea Flounced Rustic 4
Hydraecia micacea Rosy Rustic 1
Diachrysia chrysitis Burnished Brass 3
Abrostola triplasia Dark Spectacle 2
Abrostola tripartita Spectacle 6
Rivula sericealis Straw Dot 4

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