Sunday, 13 August 2017

Wildflower meadow management at Chapel Green, Rocklands

Today villagers got together to carry out the annual cut of Chapel Green wild-flower meadow. Further posts on this wonderful local asset, managed by the community on behalf of Rocklands Parish Council, are to be found here.

The green had unfortunately grown quite long and rank, because we were unable to carry out the annual cut in 2016.

Thanks to the loan of a wheeled petrol strimmer by the kind people at the village's Walnut Tree Garden Nursery, we made short work of the cut.

Our late afternoon break, with the hay almost cut, consisted of Carolyn's locally harvested, home-made elderflower cordial, freshly harvested apple (from our garden) crumble, and tea.

After a further mow with the lawnmower, the green is ready for the coming year's growth.

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