Monday, 17 March 2014

Norfolk moths: Rockland St. Peter garden, 16 March 2014

After a warm, sunny day, the sky clouded over towards dusk, so the night was fairly mild: the forecast minimum temperature was 7°C, so 5°C is probably more realistic for the village. The full moon must have been quite well covered, but a moderate westerly breeze kept up all night. As usual, by 19h00, moths were buzzing around the trap, with Oak Beauty and Pine Beauty perched on the outside of the perspex. A smart Red-green Carpet rested on the nearby house wall. By morning a spruce Shoulder Stripe was on the outside of the trap. Within were good numbers of Orthosia species, with last week's Clouded Drabs being replaced by a lone Lead-coloured Drab: an apt name for a moth that is overwhelmingly plumbeous in hue. All of these species were new for the trap.

Shoulder Stripe Anticlea badiata

Oak Beauty Biston strataria

Lead-coloured Drab Orthosia populeti - note the feathered antennae

Macro-moths (43 moths of 12 spp.):-

Alsophila aescularia March Moth 1
Anticlea badiata Shoulder Stripe 1
Chloroclysta siterata Red-green Carpet 1
Biston strataria Oak Beauty 1
Agriopis marginaria Dotted Border 2
Panolis flammea Pine Beauty 1
Orthosia cruda Small Quaker 4
Orthosia populeti Lead-coloured Drab 1
Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 16
Orthosia munda Twin-spotted Quaker 2
Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 12
Xylocampa areola Early Grey 1

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